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February 22, 2013

April 28, 2012~Owen's 1st Birthday!

This is me (Paola), the next post I saw of Riley on our Loaderfam.net is in May, so I can't post it at least not until I posted about Owen's first Birthday! Big event that  can't be skipped :)

It sure was a long day.. His birthday happened to land perfectly on a Saturday, yes I do mean perfectly which ends up being more like so not... it was a good day, but just a really busy one. Had tons of things going on that day.. Church activity that couldn't be missed, a friend's 80th birthday celebration that couldn't be missed either, and Owen's Birthday Party, we finally decided to do it in the evening so everything else would fit, and so he would be able to take a nap before his party.

His day started with Birthday Breakfast :)
He is so funny, I think he wanted to eat the candle and all, he wasn't sure why Abuelita kept trying to blow it on his face :p.

Yum Yum!
And we were off for the day!

We had a great time at the Ward BBQ/play day, it was nice, a bit windy but thankfully not cold, wasn't that warm either but enough to get a little sunburn.. lol. We had yummy food, got to watch the kids play games and the adults and kids play soccer & frisbee. Owen had a blast in the grass trying to walk on it and falling, mostly crawling to chase the balls that were around. grass not so flat for little boys. and Yes he can walk! He started walking at 11 months :D so fun!
His mini nap, he was so tired
Then we went to Dorothy's birthday celebration, her birthday is on the 11th of April but one of her friends planned something for her for the 28th of April it was nice, and she looked awesome! we love Dorothy she's an awesome lady, we happened to live by her when we first came with my family to Utah from Texas.
Owen was so tired from the ward activity that he had fallen asleep on the way there, once we got there he woke up. and then he could walk all he wanted. He wanted to run it was funny and I could see him tripping over his little feet cuz he kept going so fast.

And off we went back home, there was a whole lot to do! Riley took a nap, he was so pooped from all the play at the ward activity. When you are not in shape it can really affect you a morning of hard play. Put Owen down for a nap, then it was such a mess! lots to clean up, then put Birthday stuff  up, had to run and get the cake from the store, thankfully my mom got home and took care of the kitchen while I went to the store. I was overwhelmed.. Thankfully people usually show up late and by then things were good, there is only so much one can do and I had to remember that it was perfect for Owen, he would love it no matter what I got or didn't get to do.
Costco Cakes are awesome! So glad I didn't try doing one myself.

It was short and fun, had planned it that way. Didn't want him to get overwhelmed by doing a big thing and it being too long, he is only 1!

It was fun having the kids play some games have some yummy snacks and then time for presents!

The big kids sure liked this one! Owen picked something else after to play and all the big kids were huddled around this one :p

 Thanks everyone for making his day special and all the gifts. He got so many toys!

Loved how he was curious about every toy :)

He kept wanting to play with the toy that was in front of him, to bad we had to put it to the side and open another one :p. He had a good time, he loved seeing family and close friends.

It was a perfect day! it was His 1st Birthday!! :D Can't believe a year ago on that day he made his way into this world and made us parents! :)


April 9, 2012~Loaderfam.net

Geek or Nerd?

Its all found right here

March 30, 2012 ~Loaderfam.net

 Some good jokes!

Sitting here at a pack meeting listening to some great jokes. Here’s a few:

Dude 1: Why did you eat that dollar bill?
Dude 2: It was my lunch money :)

Guy A: Do you have a watermelon patch?
Guy B: Sure, why? Does your watermelon have a leak?

Dude 1: Whatcha’ doin’ dude 2?
Dude 2: Writing a letter to my little brother.
Dude 1: Why are you writing so slow?
Dude 2: Well,  my brother is a slow reader!

Guy A: What’d the doctor say to do for your cold?
Guy B: He said to drink some lemonade after a hot bath.
Guy A: Did you drink your lemonade yet?
Guy B: Not yet, I still haven’t finished with the hot bathwater.

Gotta love them laffy-taffy jokes!

We then got to do a relay race with balloons. You know, run from one side of the room to the other and back, then smash the balloon with your butt? Yeah that one. My bum hurts. :P